1) magon4
2) Penfold
3) Chrill
4) SouthAussie94
5) EuroBrun
6) Damieng
7) Kit Fox
8) F1 Freak
9) ehilaire2
10) YamaKuni Racing
11) LjudLjus
12) SpartanF1
13) M4A1Carbine
14) DallasCEO
15) Chundlah
16) Cabanacat
17) Matt
17) F1CrewChief

27 November 2014 - Matt

Updated after Abu Dhabi. First, Kit Fox won MOTW for the final GP with 59 points. Neither points lead changed hands, meaning magon4 is the 2014 overall champion, and Damieng is the weekly champion. Penfold made a late push in both tables, but came up 9 and 7 points short, respectively. Accordingly, magon4 has won $100, Damieng has won $75, and Penfold has also won a combined $75.

19 November 2014 - Matt

Updated after the United States and Brazil. Magon4 retains a strong overall lead heading into the final race, although both Penfold and Chrill remain mathematically in the race. Penfold was aided with a MOTW and 58 points in the U.S., while Damieng rode his Rosberg pick to 63 points and MOTW in Brazil. That pick vaulted him into the weekly lead, with a five point lead over magon4, but seven total members still have a mathematical chance at the title.

31 October 2014 - Matt

Updated after Japan and Russia. Magon4 has a relatively strong 26 point lead in the overall standings, aided by a 60-point MOTW performance in Japan. Meanwhile, Damieng took over the weekly lead by one point, and also won MOTW in Russia with 62 points. Weekly is still a close race, with nine members within one race of the lead.

26 September 2014 - Matt

Updated after Singapore. LjudLjus won MOTW with 62 points. Despite having the lowest point total this week, magon4 retains a 17 point lead over Penfold in overall. He did, however, fall to third in weekly, with LjudLjus taking a 5 point lead over ehilaire2. The weekly standings are slowly beginning to spread out, although there are still 11 members within one race of the lead.

11 September 2014 - Matt

Updated after Belgium and Italy. In Belgium, magon4 won MOTW with 61 points, helping extend his points lead. Kit Fox won the Italy MOTW with 66 points, but magon4 again scored the third most with 53. He now has a solid, if not safe, 42 point lead with six grands prix remaining. The same cannot be said of the weekly lead, now also held by magon4, which has seen some additional spread after these two GPs, but the top eight are still within one race of each other, and a further eight are just beyond that cut-off. Weak depth on this season's grid gives any of them a chance to catch up with a good pick.

27 July 2014 - Matt

Updated after Hungary. Damieng won MOTW with 55 points, but magon4 extended his points lead to 18 over both EuroBrun and Penfold, who are tied for second. In weekly, Penfold jumped three positions into the lead, but there are still 12 members within one race of the lead.

26 July 2014 - Matt

Updated after Germany. Magon4 won MOTW with 59 points, and accordingly held his points lead over EuroBrun. Unlike last race, there was very little movement at the top of the overall standings. In weekly, however, nearly every position changed hands, and F1 Freak now has the lead. One more update until the summer break, which will come tomorrow.

25 July 2014 - Matt

Updated after Britain. Penfold won MOTW with 58 points. There was significant movement in both standings tables, and magon4 is now in the overall points lead, while ehilaire2 is now in the weekly lead. The weekly table in particular is quite close, with the top 12 all within 13 points of the leader. A reminder that money now goes to the top two in both standings at the end of the season.

22 June 2014 - Matt

Updated after Austria. I won MOTW for the second straight race, and moved into P17 overall(!) EuroBrun took over the overall lead from Chrill, who fell to third in overall. Chrill did take over the lead in weekly, however, as Chundlah dropped four spots to fifth.

11 June 2014 - Matt

Updated after Canada. Magon4 and I won MOTW with 53 points each, while Chrill re-took the overall lead by one point over EuroBrun. Chundlah extended his weekly lead, now 5 points up on Chrill.

7 June 2014 - Matt

Updated after Monaco. EuroBrun won MOTW with 72 points and jumped into the overall lead, barely ahead of Chrill. Chrill also lost the weekly lead, this time to Chundlah, as there was no clear consensus on who to pick for this race.

19 May 2014 - Matt

Updated after Spain. Penfold won MOTW with 72 points and jumped to third in the points, while Chrill moved into a tie for the lead with F1 Freak. In weekly, Chrill moved out of a tie and took the lead outright, now by four points over Chundlah.

May 2014 - Matt

Updated after China. Additionally, the points for Australia were wrong, all previous totals have also been fixed. F1 Freak won MOTW for China, his first ever. He also took the points lead over Chrill. In weekly, Chrill and Chundlah are tied for the lead.

7 April 2014 - Matt

I wanted to use a new design for this season, but as in recent years, I have not been able to get that done yet, so we'll stick with this old one for now. A new one could still come later in the season. The site is not currently complete or up-to-date, but will be by the end of the week.

17 February 2014 - Matt

2014 Details: The site will return for 2014 under essentially the same structure. Members will pick two drivers for the full season. The first driver comes from one of the top THREE teams from last season, and your second driver comes from the remaining teams. Members will also pick one driver for each grand prix, and can only pick each driver once per season. I've uploaded a full version of the rules, and that link is to the right.

Payout: This season's payout will be out of $250. The money will be distributed as follows:

1) First place overall: $100
2) Second place overall: $50
3) First place weekly: $75
4) Second place weekly: $25